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These are my productivity tools.


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing: A Browser Security Feature

Signing, Encrypting, Encoding

Description and examples of usage of the most popular algorithms for generating signatures, encrypting and encoding data.

Capturing SNS Events with Lambda

Terraform guide on setting up and capturing events using SNS, SQS and Lambda.

AWS X-Ray Tracing In Ruby Lambda

Configuring AWS X-Ray for API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB tracing in Ruby application using Terraform.

RabbitMQ and SQS/SNS

An overview of how RabbitMQ works compared to SQS/SNS.

Encoding, Strings and Runes in Go

Quick summary on how character sets work in general and in Go specifically.

Stack vs Heap

Blockchain Properties: CAP Theorem and Byzantine Fault

Fundamental properties of distributed data stores on the example of blockchain P2P network: CAP theorem and Byzantine Fault.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

How to write and deploy Ethereum smart contracts with Solidity and Remix - from a simple Faucet to ERC20.

Bitcoin Taproot

Explaining the Bitcoin Taproot softfork.


Stream Rails Logs to the Google Cloud

From keeping your logs on a running server machine to the GCP.

Replacing Rails Logger with Lograge

Replacing the default ugly Rails logger with a Lograge JSON and configuring it to my liking.

Systemd: Ruby Daemon Supervision

Setting up systemd supervision for a simple Ruby daemon.

Fail2ban in Action

Protect your servers from SSH authentication spam.

Dockerize Your Project, Part 3. Continuous Rails builds

Configure Jenkins to run automated continuous builds of the Rails app and push them to the Docker Registry.

Dockerize Your Project, Part 2. Rails and PostgreSQL

Setting up docker-compose with Rails and PostgreSQL.

Dockerize Your Project, Part 1. Nginx, Registry and Jenkins

Setting up docker-compose with Nginx, Jenkins and Docker Registry.

Dynamic Session Time Management with Devise

Setting different session time depending on the page layout(main, embedded) in a Rails project with Devise.

Iptables Configuration

How to setup a Linux firewall: allow ssh, http and ftp traffic and block everything else.

Google Places: Limit Autocomplete Results to Cities Only

Customizing the Google Places autocomplete.