I spend most of my time working with code and exploring new technologies. In this section I share thoughts on topics that interest me, including Ruby, Go, AWS, Blockchain. My goal is to provide helpful information for fellow technology enthusiasts while also serving as a personal reminder.

Stream Rails Logs to the Google Cloud

From keeping your logs on a running server machine to the GCP.

Replacing Rails Logger with Lograge

Replacing the default ugly Rails logger with a Lograge JSON and configuring it to my liking.

Dockerize Your Project, Part 3. Continuous Rails builds

Configure Jenkins to run automated continuous builds of the Rails app and push them to the Docker Registry.

Dockerize Your Project, Part 2. Rails and PostgreSQL

Setting up docker-compose with Rails and PostgreSQL.

Dynamic Session Time Management with Devise

Setting different session time depending on the page layout(main, embedded) in a Rails project with Devise.