Magic The Gathering


We play 4 player free-for-all Commander format. To start the game we have a house rule where each player draws 3 piles of 7 cards and selects the pile they like the best - this usually prevents mulligans. A player loses when their initial 40 health goes down to 0 or when they receive 21 damage from any single commander.

My decks

  1. Eldrazi Unbound

Expensive, at 120 euro. Completely busted, in casual games this player better be targeted first otherwise the deck can easily outpower 1v3 once the commander is out.

  1. First Flight

Dirt-cheap, at 15-20 euro and fits my playstyle - has counterspells and tricks to win the final 1v1 if it can survive till that stage. Definitely requires improvements and some better cards. First card to replace is probably that expensive and not so useful commander.