Arcade Sticks: Hayabusa, Crown 309MJ, Sanwa JLF

My base arcade stick is Hori RAP 4:

  • Hayabusa lever
  • Hayabusa buttons

Hori RAP 4

Hori RAP 4 opened

  • The lever is too loose - when going to neutral it sometimes triggers the opposite direction
  • The buttons are also loose - wobbly and hard to do double or triple inputs

Switching the setup:

  • Crown 309MJ, medium 35 rubber grommet
  • Sanwa buttons

Crown 309MJ

Crown 309MJ opened

  • Lever is too stiff
  • Motion is very wide
  • No gate, no corners

Switching the setup:

  • Sanwa JLF
  • Sanwa buttons

Sanwa JLF

Sanwa JLF opened

  • My default setup, works great

Tried octagonal gate - couldn't get used to it, so sticked to square.